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Zim 9.00 Characteristics

With new data, transaction and locking mechanisms built to handle even the most complex data processing needs, we are sure you’ll be amazed at what Zim 9.00 can do for you.

Open Connectivity using Zim JDBC SAM

Zim JDBC SAM provides a generic connectivity method (using native JDBC drivers) between the Zim Language and 3rd party databases, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL. No need for client software to connect with the remote SQL database. Zim commands are translated to SQL commands and then executed directly in the server side resulting in improved performance.

Zim JDBC SAM is multiplatform, supported on both 32 and 64-bit platforms: Windows, Linux, AIX and HPUX.


Zim 9.00 is hardware independent so you can grow your application from a stand alone PC to a huge multiserver environment without having to rebuild or modify your code.

Improved Efficiency

The Entity Relationship architecture and 4GL language means building, maintaining and updating systems can be done more quickly and more efficiently with Zim than with other database systems.

All in One Solutions

All the components for enabling rapid design, implementation, testing and maintenance of complex applications are included with Zim 9.00. No need to purchase additional software or components.

Web Enabled

Zim 9.00 has built in capabilities (ZimWeb) to enable the quick development of web-enable applications with HTML templates and XML/XSLT style sheets.

Zim 7.x and 9.00 – Compatibility List

Operating System Zim 7.x Zim 9.00
Windows 10 No Yes
Windows 98 Yes No
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Yes No
Windows Server 2000/2003 Yes No
Windows Server 2008 Partial (Zim Integrated Server not supported) No
Linux Yes No
HP-UX 11.11 PA-RISC Yes No
HP-UX 11.23/11/31 Itanium Yes No
SCO/Unixware Yes No

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