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Zim Fusion

Designed to simplify and accelerate the management of a client server environment

Fuzion is a tool specially designed to simplify and accelerate the management of a client server environment formed by a Zim application layer connected to one or more SQL database servers.

It is a Zim DBA and developer oriented tool that makes managing data dictionaries and main functions of alternate third party Servers as simple as Zim. Tasks such as data dictionaries comparison and synchronization, tables import and export among servers and applications, answers to questions like which users are currently logged in the Server or which user is holding locks, are a few examples of what Fuzion can do for your developing team.

From your Zim application and using “Zim like” commands you can discover issues such as the top 10 SQL resource spenders or how your Zim command will be executed on the server to maximize index usage and even which indexed fields are never used.

Fuzion is composed of a series of services that can be invoked from the Zim command prompt, from a graphical interface or also from a Zim program. Each service has a unique name and an alias that you can customize as you prefer. Services are divided into 4 groups:

  1. Zim-Oracle group: groups together all services that involve Zim and Oracle definitions like tables or fields comparison, import and export table definitions.
  2. Oracle group: contains all series related to the Server maintenance itself like CPU and memory and IO usage, commands execution plan, etc.
  3. Connection group: services to create connections – connect and disconnect from different databases.
  4. General services group: redirect Fuzion output, set the services and help language and manage services.

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