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Introduction to Zim Class Specification

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The purpose of this document is to specify how to write a Zim class.

What is the ZCS?

The Zim Class Specification provides a standard for the defining and implementing classes in Zim. Standards have been defined for:

✓ Class Interface

✓ Naming Conventions

✓ Layout and Style


The Zim Class Specification is a refinement of the Zim Object Framework (ZOF). Originally ZOF not only described a method for defining and implementing classes in Zim, but also proposed a framework of base and system classes.

The specification component of ZOF has been extracted and converted to a ’white paper’ called the Zim Class Specification. Any frameworks will be delivered as separate components, written to the ZCS specification. The ZCS specification is evolving and will be enhanced to incorporate other features over time.


By using the Zim Class Specification, Zim developers will benefit from employing object based techniques. These benefits include:

✓ Faster development

✓ Increased Quality

✓ Easier maintenance

✓ Enhanced modifiability

✓ Reuse of software and designs, frameworks

✓ Systems more change resilient, evolvable

✓ Reduced development risks for complex systems, integration spread out

✓ Appeals to human cognition, naturalness

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