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Registry on Windows

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On Windows, Zim stores basic information in the Registry, like environment variables, options, etc.

The ZIM and SQLCPI environment variables

The ZIM and SQLCPI environment variables are located in the registry at


where version number is the version of Zim that you are currently running.

The ZIM environment variable tells where the Zim software and its components are installed.

The SQLCPI environment variable tells where the Server Access Modules are installed. Normally, its address is the same as ZIM.

Special options for the user

Zim accepts some configuration options passed via the zimconfig.zim configuration file that are valid for all users connected to a particular database application.

However, sometimes is needed to specifically set some options only valid for the current user logged in a particular machine. These options are stored in


Zim, at start up, reads these options and uses them during the session. These options can be read or changed using the functions $GetProperty and $SetProperty with the REG option.

The currently available options of importance to users are described below. Some options present in the above location are set dynamically by Zim components and should not be changed manually.

Backscreen Menu

With the following entry in the registry

Backscreen Menu = 0

the backscreen menu does not display. The default value for Backscreen Menu is 1.


The EDITOR option describes the default editor for the Zim session. An example of an editor setting might be

Editor c:myEditor.exe

TUI Simulation Font
TUI Simulation Fontsize

Describe the font and the size of the font used to simulate text applications.

The default TUI Simulation font is “courier new bold” size 10.

TUI Simulation font=Courier
TUI Simulation fontsize=8

A font can be bolded by adding the case sensitive keyword Bold to the fontname, as shown in the following examples:

TUI Simulation font=Courier Bold


TUI Simulation font=Bold Courier

The simulation font is used for all controls.

The FixedSys font is used by TUI applications on Microsoft Windows. However it usually comes in only one size so that all controls use the same size font. This restriction can  result in it being clipped in comboboxes and pushbuttons.

Large Toolbuttons

Describes the size of the buttons to be displayed in the tool bars. the font and the size of the font used to simulate text applications.




Tool buttons are the normal size. This is the default.


Tool buttons take the larger size.



Large Toolbuttons 0


It describes the 3-dimensional appearance of Zim widgets.




Turn off 3D look for entire application.


The default. Turn on 3D appearance, unless widget explicitly created without 3D border.


Turn on 3D appearance, unless widget explicitly created without 3D border; Window and widget background colors inherit the 3D color with the exception of entry fields, list and combo boxes which inherit from window color. This setting works well with pre 5.4 graphical applications.


3D 2


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