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Naming Differences between Zim and SQL

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Database systems, including Zim, have rules as to how objects such as database tables and columns (EntitySets and fields and Zim) are named. In Zim, object names must be 1 to 18 characters in length and start with an alphabetic character, an underscore (“_”), or dollar sign (“$”). If the name of a SQL table to which you wish to map an EntitySet is invalid in Zim or the name of an EntitySet which you wish to export to a SQL server is invalid on the server, you can specify an alternate name in the “Remote Name” field of EntitySets, Relationships, or Fields. All generated SQL syntax uses the specified Remote Name. There is no need to specify a Remote Name if the Zim name and the SQL name are identical.

For example, some SQL servers enable table and column names with embedded blanks if the name is enclosed in double quotation marks, which is illegal syntax in Zim. In such cases, specify a Remote Name with the server table name in double quotation marks so that the correct SQL server syntax is generated.

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