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Zim 9 Connectivity

Using Per User Entity Sets

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Even though per user entity sets are private and only seen by the user that created them, they can still be available to an ODBC Driver connection by means of the Dynamic Creation of a Data Source, which informs the work path that contains the per user entity sets. When the third party software connects to the corresponding Zim database, the per user entity sets are handled in the proper way as though they were local to this connection.

In order for the ODBC Driver connection to properly “see” the data in the per user entity sets, the third party software must be invoked within the Zim session that created the per user entity sets and their corresponding data.

Invalid results will be achieved if the ODBC Driver connection is established:

. before starting the Zim session that will create the data and the proper connection;

. before creating the data, but within the Zim session;

. after ending the Zim session that created the data and the connection.


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