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Field WdgAutoSize

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“Autosize” status of an object. Indicates how windows and form fields that contain images are sized.

Valid Values

An integer code, as shown in the tables that follow.

For FormFields




No automatic sizing.  If the image is larger than the form field’s dimensions, then the image will be clipped at the right and bottom.  If the image is smaller, it will be centered.


Resize the image to fit the form field’s dimensions. The image may be disproportionately stretched and therefore degraded.


Resize the form field’s dimensions to fit the image.


Resize the image proportionally to fit within the form field’s dimensions. As with code 1, some image degradation may occur; however, it will be less drastic. The resulting image will always be equal to, or smaller than that produced by code 1.

For Windows


0No automatic sizing.  If the window is smaller than the form or display that is to appear within it, the form or display will be clipped at the right and bottom. If the window supports scroll bars, the scroll bars will appear to permit end-user scrolling to view the clipped portions of the form or display.

1Resize the window to fit the form or display.

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