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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Zim Object Management (ZOM)

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The Zim Object Management (ZOM) services provide extensive support for managing the objects that make up your applications. ZOM is a collection of services that assist you in manipulating, analyzing, and maintaining application objects, including programs. These services also support you in managing development projects, migrating applications to new computer systems, and building custom development tools such as program generators.

ZOM services are available as a collection of command line utilities. In this section, examples of ZOM are shown at the command prompt. ZOM Services

  • help developers manipulate and analyze application objects
  • provide a powerful set-oriented method of investigating and managing objects and object dependencies
  • provide a homogeneous view of objects independent of object type
  • provide facilities to co-ordinate development projects and development teams
  • provide high-level services for use in building custom development tools

ZOM features the following facilities:

  • support for the creation and destruction of objects and their definitions
  • object query and analysis
  • object dependency processing
  • object import, export, comparison and conversion utilities
  • keyword indexing of objects

ZOM also provides a solid foundation for creating custom tools to support your special development needs and to automate repetitive tasks. Code generation, version control, application deployment, application porting, and other tasks can be automated using ZOM.

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