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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Exporting Objects

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Objects are exported using the ZOMExport command. The objects to export are identified using the normal object selection criteria. For example, suppose you have associated all the objects you want to export with the keyword “To_Export”. The following command exports these objects:

ZOMExport +k To_Export

ZOMExport builds a series of ASCII files containing the object descriptions. These files are placed in your database directory. By default, all files are suffixed with “.Z50” and are suitable for use with Zim version 5.0 and later.

You can also create files with suffix “Z41” which are compatible with 4.XX versions of ZOM. For example,

ZOMExport +k To_Export ;f Z41

You can also have ZOMExport build files in the standard ZimSAVE format. These files could then be imported using the standard ZimLOAD utility. (ZimSAVE creates a series of files in the database directory typically suffixed with “.DT4”.) The following exports object descriptions in ZimSAVE format:

ZOMExport +k To_Export ;f DT4

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