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Keywording Objects

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A keyword is a user-defined string that is associated with an object. Any number of keywords can be assigned to an object; keywords can be added and deleted at any time. You can then use the keywords to select objects to process. For more information on methods for assigning and deleting keywords, see Processing Options.

Keywords have many uses. Most often keywords are used to classify the objects in an application. For example, you can assign different keywords to identify the objects in the different subsystems of your application.

ZOMSet *Contracts* ;k Contract_System

ZOMSet *Receivables* ;k Receivable_System

You can classify your objects based on type, as shown in the example below:

ZOMSet +t Win, Form ;k UserInterface

ZOMSet +t Ent, Rel, Role ;k Database

However, keywords can also be used as a quick means of accessing a specific set of objects. For example, the following example associates the keyword “Just_ReCreated” to the objects processed by the ZOMReCreate service:

ZOMReCreate +t ent,role ;k Just_ReCreated

This gives you quick access to this set of objects for further processing,  as shown in the following example:

ZOMList +k Just_ReCreated

Keywords can be used in many other contexts; you are limited only by your imagination.

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