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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)

Selecting by Status Properties

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Objects have various properties which record the status of the object. You can select objects based on these status properties using the selection operator “p”. Since there are many properties available, you identify the desired property explicitly. Each status property has its own symbol that is used for both selecting and setting the property.

For example in the following command, all objects that have the locked property are selected for use by the ZOMLIST service:

ZOMList +p l

Here the selection criteria “p” indicates property and the argument “l” indicates the property to match is the locked property.

You can also select objects by specifying those that do not have a specific property. The next example selects all object that are not locked:

ZOMList +p l!

The exclamation point (!) negates the specified property. In other words, the “!” selects those object that do not have the specified property.

The following subsections describe how to select objects by each of the various status properties.

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