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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)


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Exports the dictionary descriptions of selected objects to documents.


ZOMExport object specification [option…]


;k [!] The ;k option is used to assign a keyword to the selected object(s). If the keyword is already assigned, this assignment is ignored. If “!” is specified, the keyword assignment is removed for the selected object(s).
;p [!] Set the specified user-designated property for the selected object(s). If “!” is indicated, the specified property is reset for the selected object(s).
;f The ;f option specifies the format that the Object Dictionary specifications are to be exported in. There are several available formats:

Z50 To export in Z50 format, omit the ;f option. This is the default import/export format, and is recommended for exchanging definitions between ZOM enabled environments. File names for Z50 files end in “.z50”.
Z41 This produces output compatible with ZOM export/import files created by versions of ZOM prior to Version 5.0. This format is useful for exporting definitions into Zim environments where earlier versions are in use. File names for Z41 files end in “.z41”.
DT4 This produces output compatible with ZimSAVE and ZimLOAD. It is useful for exchanging objects between ZOM and older versions of Zim. File names for DT4 files end in “.dt4”.
OEF This produces output compatible with the Object Exchange Format, a generic object exchange format definition designed for integration with other development tools. File names for OEF files end in “.oef”.
;a Normally ZOMExport clears the Shadow Dictionary before adding the objects selected from the Object Dictionary. The ;a option forces ZOMExport to skip clearing the Shadow Dictionary so that the selected objects are appended to those already in the shadow.
;t sh Export the objects from the Shadow Object Dictionary, rather than the Object Dictionary.


ZOMExport starts by clearing the Shadow Dictionary unless the ;a option has been specified. It then selects objects (using from the Object Dictionary or from the Shadow Dictionary if ;tsh is specified). Finally, ZOMExport writes out the object definitions from the Shadow Dictionary into ASCII files using the specified format.


The following command exports the object named “Customers.” It is exported in Z50 format.

ZOMExport Customers

The following command exports the objects keyworded by the keyword “To_Export.” The objects are exported in DT4 format.

ZOMExport +k To_Export ;f DT4

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