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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)


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Analyses the information maintained by ZOM and corrects any problems.




This command analyses the information maintained by ZOM and makes any necessary corrections. For example, it makes sure that the object keys and names stored within ZOM are consistent with the information in the Object Dictionary. These sorts of inconsistencies can arise as a result of certain special kinds of manual Object Dictionary updates made outside ZOM. ZOMFixUp does not look at the consistency of object dependency information. Use the ZOMTouch command to update dependency information.

ZOMFixUp also resets any temporary EntitySets (the Shadow Dictionary, for example) used by ZOM to their initial state. These EntitySets can get quite large and, since they contain only temporary data, restoring them to their initial size can save a considerable amount of disk space.


The following command ensures that the information maintained by ZOM is correct and consistent and restores all temporary EntitySets used by ZOM to their initial size.


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