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Introduction to Zim IDE

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What is Zim IDE ?

The Zim Integrated Development Environment (Zim IDE) is a full-featured development environment to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Zim database applications.

Zim IDE combines and extends the functionality of three separate development components for Zim applications:


Zim Painter

Zim Development Center

Data Dictionary Browser


ZIM is committed to the continuous development and improvement of Zim IDE and the Zim language.

As such, there will always be new features and improvements in  Zim IDE as we continue to develop and enhance its functionality.

Contents of this ZimIDE guide

This guide contains the following sections:


A brief description of the key features and functionality of Zim IDE.
The requirements to install and run Zim IDE on different operating systems.
The initialization steps required to start the first Zim IDE session after installation.
A description of the different components of Zim IDE.
A detailed description of all database objects and user interface components available in Zim IDE for the development of GUI-based Zim database applications.
An introduction to the available operations to create and edit windows, menus, displays, forms and form fields.
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