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Send commands and macros to the target application.


procedure DDEExecute (out tErrCode, inout tServ,\
in app_cmd)


tErrCode longint, an error code
tServ longint, connection handle
app_cmd char, command or macro to be executed


DDEExecute sends target application specific commands and macros to be executed by the remote application. Consult the documentation of the remote application for information on these commands.

The filename is ddeexec.pgm.


For example, given that DDE_Err and hServ are of type longint and that hServ has been set by a previous call to DDEConnect, to send the ‘[NEW(1)]” command to EXCEL

DDEExecute(DDE_Err, hServ, ‘[NEW(1)]’)

instructs EXCEL to open a new spreadsheet.

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