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procedure DDEPeek (out tErrCode, inout tServ,\
in dde_item, out dde_val)


tErrCode longint, an error code
tServ longint, connection handle
dde_item char, item name
dde_val char, value of the returned item. Must be a string at least five characters in length


DDEPeek retrieves the value of a specific item from a remote application. Consult the documentation of the remote application for information on what constitutes an item. The value of an item is always returned as char.

The filename is ddepeek.pgm.


For example, given that DDE_Err and hServ are of type longint, that DDE_OutValue is of type alpha and is 10 characters long, and that hServ has been set in a previous call to DDEConnect, to retrieve the value of row 1, column 1 in the current spreadsheet, enter the following:

DDEPeek(DDE_Err, hServ, ‘R1C1’, DDE_OutValue)

This example “peeks” at the value of the cell at row 1, column 1 and places the retrieved value in DDE_OutValue.

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