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Build commands for interpretative execution.


pCDLInterpret ( in vlOperation,
                in  vlSyntax )



A string with the value “INIT”, “SYNTAX”, or “EXEC”.


A piece of command syntax to be added to the command being constructed.


Use pCDLInterpret to build up Zim command syntax for interpretative execution. It is useful for building up a single Zim command piece by piece. The “INIT” option is used to initialize the command to be blank. Syntax can be passed with any operation and is appended to the command to be executed. The “EXEC” option causes the command to be executed interpretively.

The pCDLInterpret command has the added option for specifying the output document. Set the document name before calling pCDLInterpret.


This example writes ‘find all Customers’ to the document myDoc and then executes the document.

let $Deployserices.$CDLInterpret.DocName = ‘myDoc’
$DeployServices.pCDLInterpret(‘Exec’, ‘find all Customers’)

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