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ZIM 9 Basics

Downloading Zim 9

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Choose the Appropriate Installer

The Zim DMBS is quite flexible, allowing a variety of client/server configurations in your Zim DBMS network. This section is designed to illustrate the different installers according to machine role in the network (Server, Developer, or End-User (Client) ) and the platform (Windows, Unix / Linux, or Android). The components available in each installer package are also discussed.

Zim Installers by Role and Platform

The choice of installer depends on the role and the platform of each machine in your Zim DMBS network. The possible

The following table summarizes the possible roles and platforms available to configure a Zim DMBS

Server Developer End-User
Windows Zim 9 Full Developer for Windows Zim 9 Client Developer for Windows Zim 9 Client for Windows
Unix / Linux Zim 9 Full Developer for Linux
Android ZimQt Client for Android 

The Zim Components of Each Installer

Zim 9 has five different installers. Each installer is geared towards a platform and performs a epecific role

The table below lists the different Zim 9 installers, the individual Zim components included and their ,

Server Developer Developer Client Mobile Client Management
Windows Zim 9 Full Developer
Zim 9 Client Developer
Zim 9 Client
Linux Zim 9 Full Developer
Android ZimQt Client 

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