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ZIM 9 Basics

Getting Started with Zim

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Zim®, ZIM Corporation’s foundation product, is based on more than 30 years of experience developing and deploying data solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Zim is the most advanced and efficient development tool available on the market today. Whether you want to engineer solutions, merge information, manipulate data, move data or monitor your applications, Zim is the answer.

The criteria for selecting application development software is varied, but Zim’s data manipulation, data connectivity, and high performance relational database enables rapid prototyping of your enterprise solutions.

Zim enables you to do what you need to do without barriers or constraints.

With Zim you get…

A Robust Data Manipulation Language Zim

  • enables rapid application development and deployment
  • is highly efficient and provides elegant code generation
  • has excellent scalability
  • is a low overhead data retrieval model
Data Connectivity No matter your data source, you can connect to it with Zim!

  • Transparent native access to major database servers including OracleSQL Server, and DB2
  • Simple access to foreign data sources and multiple foreign data sources
  • Superior transaction-based data relationships
  • Easy access to data stores through high performance industry standard JDBC and ODBC drivers
An Extended Relational Data Model Define It, Don’t Code It – Explicitly define your data relationships not just your tables

  • Develop utilizing an extensive metadata repository and table driven design
  • Maintain and modify your relationships easily
  • All with a low cost of ownership!


With your purchase or upgrade to Zim 9 , you will receive the Zim Professional Developers Package, which includes…

Program Utilities The software includes a group of programs that are executed from within, to perform tasks such as saving and booting entire applications, producing detailed help information concerning error messages produced by the software, or unloading and reloading data from a single object.
Administrative Utilities The Development System includes a group of administrative utilities to perform such tasks as creating a new application database and maintaining databases.
Zim Documentation Library This online documentation provides the means to help you answer any questions you have about the structure or parameters of any Zim command or about Zim itself.
Zim IDE The Zim Integrated Development Environment provides an easy-to-use integrated interface to many Zim 9 features, including a graphical user interface designer that enables you to develop windows, menus and forms to suit your own individual applications.
ZimQt The ZimQt client is a multi-platform client that runs Zim applications on any supported platform. Currently, ZimQt supports running Zim applications on WindowsUnix, Mac OS XAndroid and iOS.
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