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Zim 9 Connectivity

Tracing Zim Server Connectivity

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There are two ways of tracing the activity of the Zim Server Connectivity:

1) At the client side: when accessing a remote database, Zim translates Zim commands syntax into an appropriate syntax for execution on the remote server. In general, Zim commands are executed through a combination of processing at the server (or at several servers) and within the application itself. The syntax being generated for the server can be seeing by using the command SET SQLTRACE. With this option on, all Zim commands display their corresponding syntax that is going to be sent to the server;

2) At the server (remote) side: Zim or SQL commands effectively sent to the remote database can be logged and viewed in the file zimsvlog.zim by means of the configuration option “server request tracing yes”.  

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