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_ (Wildcard)

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_ (Wildcard)

Used with the LIKE operator to construct patterns for matching.


Used with the LIKE operator in logic expressions, the _ wildcard matches any single character when the pattern on the right is compared to expression.



Matches any character string whose second and third letters are ob, followed by zero or more characters (i.e., “Robert”, “Bob”, “Cobbler”, etc.).

compute Employees where LastName like “_a%n”

Processes all records whose LastName values are three characters or more, the second character being an a and the last character being an n.

Grade like “100\%”

Shows the per cent sign being used literally in a string. (The first backslash “escapes” the second backslash, which, in turn, “escapes” the per cent sign, turning it into a literal character.)

find Parts where PartDesc like “%\\%”

Finds parts whose part description contains a backslash.

FirstName like $concat(“S_e%p”,SuffixVariable)

Assuming that SuffixVariable is “%”, then the above expression is logically true if FirstName matches the pattern S_e%p%.

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