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Character Literals

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A character literal is any string of characters enclosed in quotation marks as shown in the following example:

‘This is a character string.’
“This is a character string, too.”

For convenience, you can enter character literals without the delimiting quotation marks; however, quotation marks are required in some situations. The rules for using quotation marks are described in Quotation Marks.

Valid and Invalid Literals
The following are examples of valid literals:

Is a character string.
Is a character string.

Is a null string.
Is a number literal.
Is a number literal.
Is a character string.
‘John\’s toy boat’
Is a character string.
Is a character string.
Is a character string.
The following are examples of invalid literals:

1 23
Spaces are not permitted in number literals.
Periods are not permitted in an unquoted character string, and the dollar sign is not permitted in a number literal.
‘John’s toy boat’
‘John’ is a valid character string, but the rest of the line is invalid.

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