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Establishes a connection to Zim Integrated Server or an SQL database.


connect to [ “ZIMSERV” | “JDBCSAM” | alias name ] using (database name, SQL server name,

userid, password, server name, domain name)

alias name is or as defined in the configuration file “zimalias.zim”.
database name is the logical database name is either the database name serviced the Zim Server process or the instance name as known by SQL database servers.
SQL server name is the generic name of the SQL database server like Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, etc. When connecting to Zim Server, this parameter is ignored.
userid is the login name as known by the server being connected to. It cannot be left blank or $NULL.
password is the password associated with the user that is connected to the server.
server name evaluates to the port number on which the server is listening. This can be a service name from the services file or the physical number of the port on which the server is listening.
domain name is the domain name, physical address or internet address where the database is located and where the server boss process must already be running.


All parameters are strings or expressions that produce a string.

In the case of a multiple connection to more than one server possessing the same SAM name, an alias name should be defined in the configuration file “zimalias.zim”.


For user “JOE” with password “PASSWORD” to connect to a Zim server, enter

connect to using (“Inventory”, “”, “JOE”, “PASSWORD”, “Joes_Server”, “LinuxAirport”)

To connect to MySQL (or any other SQL database server), you must use the JDBC SAM:

connect to using (“Sales”, “MySQL”, “TheUser”, “ThePassword”,”5455″)

If connecting to two servers of the same SAM name at the same time, one of them must be defined as an alias

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