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Deletes data from EntitySets or relationships with fields.


DELETE [num] [setspec] [EVALUATE clause] [-> clause]


num Can be
an integer constant (15, 200);
a variable, a form field, or a parameter that evaluates to an integer;
the word ALL.
If num is omitted, or less than 0, it defaults to 1.
setspec The set specification for the simple set whose records you want to delete. If omitted, records are deleted from the current set (if it exists).


Records cannot be deleted from a composite set. Data cannot be deleted from application documents or forms.

If the target of DELETE is a set object or result set, deletion always starts at the current member of the set.

Data removed from the database by a DELETE command cannot be recovered.



Deletes the current member of the current set.

delete 5 Employees where DeptNum = D01

Deletes the first five records in Employees where the department number is D01.

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