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Display a user-defined cursor when the mouse hovers over a graphical formfield widget.


FORM SET ( MOUSEPOINTER )|< formname> |
                  |< formname>.< formfieldname>|
                  | (< formnum>,< fieldnum>, |


A string or an expression that evaluates to a string; the string must be a valid cursor file name.

< formname>

A formname

< formfieldname>

The name of a formfield

< formnum>

The form number

< fieldnum>

The field number

The subscript


A graphical formfield widget can have a user-defined cursor displayed when the mouse is hovering over it. Unlike predefined mouse cursors, user-defined mouse cursors are displayed even if the field is guarded. User-defined cursors can be assigned statically in the Screen Painter or dynamically using the MOUSEPOINTER attribute in the existing FORM SET command.

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