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Gets serial input from the application user.


INPUT «target»


target A list of one or more global or local variables, form fields, menu items, parameters, or macros, in any combination. Subscripted (array) variables are valid. Each item must be separated from the next by a space.


INPUT provides a simple means of reading a line of input from the application user. The line of input is divided into literal strings based on the delimiter character currently in effect. The literals are assigned to the variables and macros specified in target, in order from left to right.


input TestVar fEmpform.LastName Param1 < CommandName> <3>

When the above command pauses for input, the following constants can be input by the application user:

32 Smith abc LIST abc_def

If current delimiter is the space character, the constants are assigned as follows:

TestVar 32
fEmpform.LastName Smith
Param1 abc
#< CommandName> LIST
#<3> abc_def

The following sequence of entries accomplishes the same effect, but uses the comma as the delimiter:

set delimiter “,”

input TestVar fEmpform.LastName Param1 < CommandName> <3>

32,Smith, abc,LIST, abc_def


When using the following construction, a “:” must be placed at the end of the OUTPUT string:

OUTPUT “Please, respond with Yes or No (Y/N): “;

input vResponse

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