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Obtain the oldest event generated by a COM component.


$ObjGetEvent (Object)



an object variable or formfield of type OLE

Return Value

Returns a result as per the specification of the object.

Note: Zim attempts to convert to the assigned type. Ensure a proper variable type is assigned.


COM objects can generate synchronous or asynchronous events. In any case, they will be stacked up until removed by a $ObjGetEvent function invocation. Later, the parameters associated to this event can be queried using the $ObjEventParameter function.

Is up to the programmer’s responsibility to know whether the object raises events and what is the structure of these events.


This example creates a component, runs a specific method and then queries the events by retrieving its parameters:

let vObject = $ObjCreate(‘MyObject.Anything’)
let vResponse = $ObjRunMethod(vObject, ‘MyMethod’, ‘AParameter’)
let vResponse = $ObjGetEvent(vObject)
if ($ObjEventName = ‘MyEvent’)
out $objeventparameter(1)
out $objeventparameter(2)

let vResponse = $ObjDestroy(vObject)



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