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Outputs the results of one or more expressions.


OUTPUT [expression] [;]


expression Any valid expression. Complex expressions must be enclosed in parentheses. When you specify more than one expression, each must be separated from the next by at least one space.


OUTPUT evaluates expression and sends the result to the current output device. If expression uses fields from the current set, the values are taken from the current member in that set.

OUTPUT sends one line of characters to the current output destination (application document). The software automatically terminates the output line with a carriage return/line feed combination. You can suppress the carriage return/line feed combination by placing a semicolon (;) at the end of the OUTPUT command.

You can redirect output from the terminal using a SET OUTPUT command.

To specify the number of spaces to appear between output values, use a SET COLUMNSPACING command.


To send the values of the variable TestVar and the form field fEmpform.

output TestVar fEmpform.LastName

To send the values from two OUTPUT commands to one line of the application documents MyDoc, enter

set output MyDoc

output TestVar;

output fEmpform.LastName

The following commands cause the character string following OUTPUT to display on the current output device:

output “Please enter your first and last names: “;

input FirstName LastName


If it is needed the issue the INPUT command in the same line as its corresponding text, the colon “:” must be present at the end of the text, just like the example above.

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