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Controls consistency checking of result sets.




The CHECKSETS option is set ON by default.

When CHECKSETS is ON, the software checks certain aspects of the component structure of result sets for consistency. This consistency checking is performed when a command creates a result set (using the -> (Result set) subcommand), if the set has already been defined as a result set, either in a previous set-producing command, or as a NamedSet object in the Object Dictionary. Normally, you should always leave CHECKSETS set ON.

The SET CHECKSETS command is not affected by the SET RESET and SET RESTORE commands.


find Employees -> Set1

find Departments -> Set1

With CHECKSETS set ON, the second command in the preceding sequence produces an error (the component structure of the set is not consistent from one command to the next).

set checksets off

find Employees -> Set1

find Departments -> Set1

By setting CHECKSETS OFF, the command sequence produces no error.

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