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In a set specification, selects non-matching members of an EntitySet, a relationship with fields, an application document, or a result set.


object (UNRELATED)



The name of an EntitySet, a relationship with fields, a form, a structured application document, or a set. Can be a role name for an EntitySet or relationship with fields.


In a set specification, UNRELATED selects all records in object that do not satisfy the relationship condition expressed in the set specification.

UNRELATED can be used only once in a set specification.

 This function is related to the theoretical partial outer join operation.


> find all Employees (unrelated) WorkIn Departments

> list all
LastName  FirstName  DeptNum  DeptName DeptNum
Johnston  Leslie   D07
Nelson    John
Kelly    Pat

The preceding command finds all employee records that contain no DeptNum, or contain a DeptNum for which there is no corresponding department record. Missing values are undefined ($Null).

find all Employees WorkIn Departments (unrelated) keep Departments

The preceding command creates a list of all departments that have no employee records associated with them.

find all Managers (unrelated) Manage Employees

Finds all employees that do not manage anyone. (For a contrasting example, see COMPLETE.)


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