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Performs real-time and on-line backups of Zim databases.

Unix Syntax

[nohup] zimbackup [-k] &

Windows NT Syntax

[start] zimbackup [-k]



optional parameter to stop Zim Backup Server


Zim Backup Server, working together with Zim Server, performs real-time, on-line backup of any databases being serviced by Zim Server.

All modifications performed by Zim Server in a given database subsequently applied to a copy of the database so that, in fact, there are two “live” databases, one which is the real database that Zim Server is managing to serve all users and a second one, which is an exact copy of the first one.

If something happens to the real database, Zim Backup Server can be stopped in the copy database, Zim Server can immediately start running in this copy database and users can reestablish their Zim sessions.

Before starting servicing users, Zim Server applies committed transactions to the back up database and then opens the access to users.

Zim Backup can be stopped at any moment and let the backup databases be copied to another media, for example, a tape, another disk, etc. Later, Zim Backup can be restarted and all modifications to the real databases are applied in sucession to the backup databases.

For operational details, refer to Database Backup and Restoration.

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