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Field FC

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Indicates the foreground color to be used for the object.

Valid Values

A non-negative integer from the color table


If the attributes WdgFCBlue, WdgFCGreen, and WdgFCRed are all non-null, they, not FC, will determine the foreground color.

The special color code 0 indicates that the object is to take its foreground color from its parent object. For example, a check box in a frame would take the frame’s foreground color. If the FC setting for the frame is also 0, then the frame takes the window’s foreground color. If the window has no parent, and if its FC setting is also 0, then the window takes its foreground color from the Window Text Color in the MS-Windows control panel.

See Also

Predefined color constants, BC, WdgFCBlue

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