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Field RelPerUser

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Whether this relationship is defined to be per user.

Valid Values

“yes” or “no” (the default value is “no”).


The RelPerUser field only applies to Relationships with fields because there is no physical file to be handled.

Normally, Relationships with fields belong to the database and are managed by ZimServer. However, per user Relationships have these differences:

. They are handled by the current session and their information is lost after the session finishes;

. They are located in the $WorkPath directory;

. They don’t suffer any locks because they belong to the current user and no other users can access them;

. They don’t exist at the beginning of the session and must explicitly be created (or recreated) at any time by the application via the command INITIALIZE PERUSER. There is no need to keep a “storage” full of empty copies of all per user Relationships used by the Zim  application.

In previous versions of Zim, per user Relationships were indicated with the “)” mark in the AREAS.ZIM file. This is no longer needed and any such entries will flagged with an error.

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