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Field WdgLabel

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The label that is to be attached to this form field, or the text that is to appear in a window’s caption.

Valid Values

A character string (up to 256 characters for FormFields; up to 64 characters for Windows)


For FormFields

The location of the label varies with the class and subclass of the form field, and the WdgLabelPosition.

To designate a character in the label as the mnemonic accelerator for the form field or menu item, place an ampersand immediately preceding the desired character (e.g., &Quit). The character appears underscored in the label. When the form field is used in a display, pressing the mnemonic accelerator (in combination with Alt/Extended Char/Compose) causes the object’s acceleration action to occur.

For Windows

If WdgCaption is set to 0 (no), WdgLabel is ignored.

If WdgLabel is left blank, it defaults to the null string (“”).

This attribute is Meaningful for graphic-class windows only.

See Also

FT, WdgCaption, WdgClass, WdgLabelPosition, WdgSubClass

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