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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)


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Copy selected objects.


ZOMCopy object specification [option…] target object [;t dir]


;k [!] The ;k option is used to assign a keyword to the selected object(s). If the keyword is already assigned, this assignment is ignored. If “!” is specified, the keyword assignment is removed for the object(s).
;p [!] Set the specified user-designated property for the selected object(s). If “!” is indicated, the specified property is reset for the selected object(s).
;t dir Specifies that is an existing directory.


ZOMCOPY makes a new object called by copying an existing object. If the is identified as a directory by using “;t dir”, ZOMCOPY copies all objects specified by the object list specification to the specified directory.This command touches the objects copied once its action has completed. This results in the object’s status and dependency information being updated. For more information, refer to ZOMTouch.


The following command makes a copy of the object “Customers” and names the new copy “TmpCusts.”

ZOMCopy Customers > TmpCusts

The following copies all objects whose names begin with “Cust” to the directory “CustDir”.

ZOMCopy Cust* > CustDir ;t dir

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