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Zim Object Manager (ZOM)


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Imports dictionary descriptions of objects from documents.


ZOMImport [<option>…]


;f <format> Specifies the format in which that the Object Dictionary specifications are to be imported. There are several available formats:

Z50 To import Z50 format, omit the ;f option. This is the default import / export format, and is recommended for exchanging definitions between ZOM enabled environments. Z50 files have file names that end in “.z50”.
Z45 This format is suitable for importing definitions created using ZOM Version 4.5 which was released with the Developers’ Release, 4.5, of Zim for Windows. It can be used to import definitions created by this previous Windows release. Z45 files have file names that end in “.z45”.
Z41 This imports definitions exported by versions of ZOM prior to 4.5. Z41 files have file names that end in “.z41”.
DT4 This imports definitions compatible with ZimSAVE and ZimLOAD. It is useful for exchanging objects between ZOM and older versions of Zim. DT4 files have file names that end in “.dt4”.
OEF This imports output which is compatible with the Object Exchange Format, a generic object exchange format definition which is designed for integration with other development tools. OEF files have file names that end in “.oef”.
;t sh Specifies that the target of the import operation is the Shadow Object Dictionary and not the Object Dictionary. See ZOMDiff for more information on comparing different versions of object definitions.


This command checks the set of objects to be imported over for locked objects prior to executing. If there are locked objects to be affected, the command issues an error and exits. An object is considered to be locked if it is locked itself, or is in a locked directory. For information about setting and clearing locks, refer to ZOMSet.

This command touches any objects imported once its action has completed. This results in the object’s status and dependency information being updated. For more information, refer to ZOMTouch.


The following command imports the objects contained in the Z50 format files.


The following command imports the objects in DT4 format.

ZOMImport ;f DT4

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