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Pending Sleep

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pending sleep milliseconds

When an object requested by some operation being performed by Zim Server is not available (for instance, locks, blocks, etc.), the request goes to a list of pending objects and stays in the list until the object request can be satisfied.

In this list, the object availability is checked every number of milliseconds.

If you want to minimize this delay, that is, to try making this object as soon as possible available for processing, set the value to 1. However, this will increase the consumption of CPU because Zim Server needs to check more often the availability of the resources needed and will also increase the level of competition between objects trying to get in the list with objects trying to get out the list. If your application performs well with a lower value (like the suggested of 1), than this should be your choice for this option.

This configuration options becomes more sensitive as the number of users in the system increases.

Valid Settings

Range between 1 to 999.





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