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ZIM Development Center (DC) for Zim 7

About Application Design in DC

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The Development Center is an integrated environment for the creation and design of Zim applications. Complete applications can be generated without writing a line of code. Generated applications can be customized by changing the attributes of each application component, and by customizing the generated code (DC preserves these changes if the code is ever regenerated). A number of generators are provided with DC including

  • an Application Window generator that creates an application main window (objects and code).

  • a Single Table Edit Window generator that produces an application component suitable for browsing or updating a database table,

  • a Header/Detail Window generator that produces a window for editing header/detail types of data (e.g. an order which is composed of an order header and order item details),

  • a Report Generator that creates a variety of reports from your database,

  • a Cross Tab Report Generator that produces application components which create cross tabulated reports (e.g. a table showing product sales by product by sales region).

  • a Control Window Generator that can be used to control subsections of a large application.

The following topics include

  • a description of the application model on which applications generated by the Development Center are based

  • a discussion of the basic concepts of designing an application within DC and the design operations that can be carried out on each component of your application

  • detailed descriptions of each generator as well as alternate ways to edit application components

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