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About the Import Wizard

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The Import Wizard aids the developer in importing an entire or partial database. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Import Object Definitions from the Object Dictionary.
  2. Import Meta Objects created with the Application Designer.
  3. Load Framework Support Data, and optionally Meta Definitions used by the Application Designer.
  4. Load data from Data Objects, that is, entities and data relationships.

The Wizard also provides options for including document files and loading users.

All import files, data files, and document files are loaded from the ‘port’ directory, a child off the database path.

There are several points to be noted when importing objects that were not exported using the Wizard.

  • All definition and data files must be situated in the port directory.

  • The Import Wizard supports the importation of Object Definitions that were not exported using the wizard.

  • Loading data into Data Objects from files not saved by the Export Wizard are NOT supported by the Import Wizard.

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