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ZIM Development Center (DC) for Zim 7

Command Line Access to Development Center

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Some facilities within the Development Center can be accessed directly from the command line. The syntax of these facilities is described in the Reference Guide. There are several categories of command line services:

  • object management (ZOM)

  • application framework

  • utility

Note: When these facilities are accessed from within the Development Center’s window interface, none of the preparations discussed below are necessary. DC takes care of everything for you.

Object Management Services (ZOM)

These services are designed to assist in the development process by providing a powerful set-oriented approach to object management (creation, renaming, copying, etc.), tracking of object dependencies, import/export, etc. Before you can use Object Management services from the command line, you must activate these services by executing the command:


This procedure is described more fully in the Zim Object Manager (ZOM) Guide.

Application Framework Services

These services support common functions that are often required by applications. These services include the creation and management of ad hoc queries, common application components, and other useful functions. Before using Application Framework Services, you must access the $DeployServices directory. For example, enter

access $DeployServices

Utility Services

DC also offers a number of general utility programs that can be invaluable. Before using these services you must first access the directory $Utils. For example, enter

access $Utils

At the prompt enter the appropriate syntax to invoke the service of your choice. For example, enter

lac Documents DocName Inventory

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