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Deploying Framework Applications

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Deploying Framework Applications

The topic Deploying an Application gives general information on what files to include when deploying an application with either Zim RunTime or Zim Professional RunTime systems. If you have used the Application Framework to accelerate your development, then more files have to be deployed and these are described below.

The application designer can also be used to quickly develop applications, but note that it is based on the Application Framework and that the following directions will apply as well.

Zim’s Application Framework is composed of compile and interpretive command files located in the services and dpserv subdirectories of the directory in which you installed Zim. To deploy an application designed with Application Framework version 5.2 rev 2.x copy the following subdirectories and their specified contents to the Zim environment directory at the deployment site.

SERVICES subdirectory        – sub directory and files listed

*.ICQ                                 – icon files

ZIM_AD.BMP                       – bitmap files

ZIM0099                             – compiled forms

ZIM0098                             – directory file

DPSERV subdirectory           – subdirectory and all included files and subdirectories

Note that a deployed application designed with the Application Framework will need to execute interpretive commands. This means that a Professional Runtime System must be used.


include some of the data files and programs that came with the development system. The application framework is used by all Zim code that is generated by the Development Center’s Application Designer.

Files located in the Zim directory

The following files and directories are located in the directory in which you installed Zim (ie X:\ZIMWIN52)


Other files: ERRORS.ZIM

The following files located in the SERVICES subdirectory

Icon files – *.ICO

Bitmap file  ZIM_AD.BMP

Compiled forms  ZIM0099

Directory file ZIM0098

All files and subdirectories located in the DPSERV directory.

Files located in the Application directory

The following files and subdirectories are located in the directory in which you developed your application:

Users file    ZIM0014

Data files    ZIM100 – ZIM????

Compiled forms  ZIM0099

Directory file ZIM0001


All files located in the DPSRT subdirectory

All compiled programs located in the *WS subdirectories


These files will be merged into the DPSERV directory in revision 2.0 in DC

Used in the Framework Common Toolbar

The default image in a generated application.


NEED SERVICES \ZIM0098 is written on the bottom.

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