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Interpretively sets the current output to a given document.


mDPSSetOutput ( in vlDocName,
                in vlAppend)



Evaluates to the name of the document to be cleared.


A string that indicates whether new output is to be appended to the document or not.


This program can be called to set Zim’s current output document. If vlAppend is the string “append”, then any new output is appended to what is already in the output document. Otherwise, any existing contents of the output document are erased before new output occurs. mDPSSetOutput is not compiled.


Suppose your application has just displayed a form called fReport from which the user selects a report to be run and also selects where the output is to go (Printer, Terminal, a file). If the field in which the target document is entered is called OutputDoc, then the following command sets the output as required.

mDPSSetOutput ( fReport.OutputDoc, “” )

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