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Displays a document or file in a browsing window.


pDPSDocumentView ( in vlDocName,
                   in vlFileName,
                   in vlTitle )



The name of the document to be viewed.


The file name of the document to be viewed.


A caption to be used in the display window.


The pDPSDocumentView command can be used to display a document or a specific file in a browsing window. All parameters are either constants or expressions. The vlDocName option does not have to be qualified (i.e. “MyDoc” and “zim.MyDoc” are both acceptable).

If vlDocName is neither blank nor $NULL, then the document name is looked up in the Object Dictionary to find the associated file name. If vlDocName is not a qualified name, then the file name for the first document found in the Object Dictionary with the indicated document name is used. If vlDocName is blank or $NULL, then vlFileName is used as the file name.

If vlFileName starts with a special file name character (e.g. “)”, “#”, etc.) appropriate conversions are made.

If vlTitle is not $NULL and is not blank, then it is used as the caption for the browse window. Otherwise, a default title is supplied.


To browse the contents of a document called MyDoc in directory zim, enter

pDPSDocumentView (“zim.MyDoc”, “”, “Browse MyDoc”)

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