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The Cross Tab Report Window

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A cross tab report window is used for special tabular reports that display data that is summarized in two dimensions. For example, suppose your database contained two EntitySets called Products and SalesRegions and a relationship with fields called Sales that related the two EntitySets. Records in Sales correspond to the sale of a specific product in a specific sales region. This is probably a many-to-many relationship. A typical report might show sales regions across the page, products down the left hand side, and total sales at the intersections.

When you Edit one of these components, you specify various attributes. The most important entries define the name and type of the table used for the columns (SalesRegions in our example) and the name and type of the table used for the rows (Products, in our example). You must also specify the names of other objects (usually a relationship) that, when combined with the column table and row table, comprise a valid Zim set specification and an expression to be displayed for the column headings, row headings, and in each cell (or intersection). Finally, you must specify what type of aggregation you want to display in the cells (totals, averages, and so on). Like reports, these components are not required to have a window.

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