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Using Server Porting

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By using Windows as the development platform, the Zim developer gains the benefits of using a graphical environment (e.g. drag and drop in the Screen Painter). During development, the developer can export definitions to the appropriate platform using the Export Wizard, with the ‘Copy to Server’ selected. The Wizard exports and copies definitions to the server. Using a Telnet client, the developer can then start Zim on the deployment platform and import the definitions using the Import Wizard.

Team Development

In a Team Development environment, developers can update their development databases from a master databases with ease. Using the Import Wizard, with Copy from Server selected; definitions are copied from the server to the client automatically, and then imported into the database when the developer clicks the Finish button. The Development Administrator would be responsible for exporting the definitions using the Export Wizard on the server side.

Development without Zim Integrated Server

Cross Platform Development can still be achieved without the Zim Integrated Server. The developer must use a third party FTP tool to move definitions from the port directory to the deployment platform. Remember to set the transfer mode to ASCII.

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