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ZIM 9 Basics


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Sets a block factor to optimize the number of records retrieved from a SQL database server.





Num can be an integer constant, a variable, form field, menu item, or parameter that evaluates to an integer.
Num must be between 1 and 20. The default value is 20.


The block factor controls the number of records retrieved from a SQL database server whenever a set operation is involved. Since sets can be very large, a single operation is not capable of retrieving all the records needed. This setting then can be used to establish the number of records each retrieval provides. The larger the number, the faster the whole operation over the set will be. However, the amount of data transferred could impact the efficiency of the process. Therefore, the correct tuning of this factor would provide maximum speed.

Sometimes, a value 1 would be required to be set in order to guarantee that sorted sets would be retrieved in the correct order.



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