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Zim Torch Migration Suite

Designed to simplify and guarantee Zim database migration

A methodology and toolbox designed to simplify and guarantee Zim database migration to SQL DBMS. TMS speeds up a database migration more than 10 times.

With no doubt Zim is still one of the most productive and powerful programming language in the market place. Hardly will you find a language which can accomplish using 10 commands what Zim language do with only one.

Unfortunately Zim Database Engine lacks the versatility and powerfulness of its own language. As data volumes and number of user increases, Zim Engine begins to show signs of weakening. More and more dead locks are detected rarely freezing the entire database application. Then the lack of tools to inspect active sessions and resource consumers transforms the database reactivation into a point and shot process.

This behaviour already caused several companies to throw away good and stable Zim applications, years of investment in development and maintenance and spend hundreds of thousand dollars in new and not so customized new applications.


That is what TORCH solution does for your company. In few weeks your data will be smoothly transferred to a new SQL Relational database and your Zim application running against the new DBMS as it was before with better performance and no more dead locks.

Torch automated solution – TMS – provides detailed Impact Analysis Reports as well as Source Code Analysis for your Zim Database environment enabling you to more effectively and safely move forward in IT modernization.

You will be able to share your data with other applications and tools such as report generators, business intelligence tools, other languages and much more.

TORCH is the only complete migration solution from the database to the data loading

Data and applications are among the most valuable assets of an enterprise. Applications transform data into valuable information, that moves the company which are always in need of better solutions to meet the growing demands of change such as system modernization, Web-enabled technologies, and business information among others.

Zim users know that they must evolve and modernize their applications, but the Zim proprietary database make the evolution harder accessing other applications and share its data with others. Putting all together, deadlocks and proprietary database, application migration appears as the best way to go.

You also can rewrite the entire application using a different language and database server or acquire a ready-to-go commercial application and customize it to the company’s needs? Both solutions are huge time and money consuming bringing serious and unnecessary risks now you have the better and faster solution.

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