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ZIM 9 Basics

Pre-Installation Steps for Unix

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Zim 9.50 requires changes in the configuration of the client and/or the server machines for its proper execution after installation.

The required configuration changes for different versions of Unix are listed below:

Version-Specific Instructions


AIX 4.x – 5.x – 6.x

You should install the gcc package to run Zim 9.50. properly.

If your machine does not have gcc installed, go to www.bullfreeware.com to select and install the most recent gcc package for your version of AIX

HP-UX 11

You should apply all the most recent official patches to your running environment to run Zim 9.50 properly.

Please visit HP-UX Software Assistant for instructions on how to update your system

Installing Zim 9.50 on a 64-bit Machine

If your system is installed on a 64-bit architecture, the 32-bit architecture libraries must be added to the system such that you system will be able to execute Zim 9.50.

The steps below were based on the Debian 7 version of Linux. You may need to adapt the instructions to your system.

1. Check whether your system is 64-bits (x86_64) or 32-bits (i686)

2. Update your system to ensure there are no missing libraries

3. Add the i386 architecture libraries and update your system again

Increased Shared Memory

The size of the shared memory needed will depend on the particular configuration used by Zim Server.

If not enough memory is available, Zim Server will return an error informing the amount of shared memory needed.

Check the current size of the shared memory [Based on Debian 7]

 ipcs -lm

In the example above, the system will be able to execute any application smaller than 32Mb (32768 Kb) without any adjustment.

It should be enough to run Zim Server.

If you need to increase the size of the shared memory, take the following steps according to your system.

Note: In all examples below, NNN represents the size (in bytes) of shared memory needed.


Add the NNN value to shmmax

echo NNN > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

HP-UX 11

Use the System Administrator Manager (SAM) to set the appropriate value of the parameter shmmax


Edit the file /etc/system and add the following line

set msgsys:shminfo_shmmax=NNN


1. Edit the file /etc/conf/cf.d/mtune and add the following line


2. Rebuild the kernel


3. Reboot the system



Increase the Number of Message Queues

Each Zim session requires two message queues.

1. Check the number of existing queues

ipcs -lq

2. If you need to increase the number of queues, edit the file /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following line


where QQQ is the number of message queues needed (that is, 2 * number of users).

3. Force the operating system to accept this new setting

/sbin/sysctl -p

Increase the Number of Open Files

Zim 9.50 now keeps open as many files as possible, that is, whenever data from a Zim file is requested, this file is opened by Zim Server and kept open until Zim Server is terminated.

Therefore, the maximum number of files open simultaneously must be increased to the sum of all  Zim files in databases being controlled by Zim Server.

1. Check the current maximum number of open files that the operating system supports

ulimit -n

2. If you need to increase this number, edit the file /etc/security/limits.conf and add the following lines

*               soft    nofile  NNNN

*               hard    nofile  MMMM


NNNN is a reasonable number needed by your Zim applications

MMMM is some maximum number (> NNNN, to be used in case NNNN is too low).

Suggested Values

root            soft    nofile  32767

root            hard    nofile  32767

*               soft    nofile  32767

*               hard    nofile  32767

3. Force the operating system to accept this new setting

ulimit -n NNNN

Update the System Control File

Update the file /etc/security/sysctl.conf with the following values. They should be adequate for most Zim 9 applications

kernel.sem=250 3200 100 128












net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000






✓You have finished the pre-installation procedure Zim 9.50 for Unix and you are now ready to install it

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