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ZIM 9 Basics

ZimIDE: Features and Functionality

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ZimIDE at a Glance

The Zim Integrated Development Environment (ZimIDE) is a full-featured development environment to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Zim database applications.

ZimIDE combines and extends the functionality of three separate development components for Zim applications available in previous versions of Zim:


  • Zim Painter

  • Zim Development Center

  • Data Dictionary Browser


ZIM Corporation is committed to the continuous development and improvement of ZimIDE and the Zim language.

As such, there will always be new features and improvements in  ZimIDE as we continue to develop and enhance its functionality.





General Features

  • Local and remote application development;
  • Multiuser application development;
  • Design and edit forms and displays in both GUI and TUI applications;
  • Supports all Zim 9.50 platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Connect to multiple databases simultaneously;
  • Browse the entire data dictionary through the Tree View Tab Page.

Graphical User Interface Designer

  • New user interface objects for Zim 9.50:

    (from Zim 7.x)

    Grid Control

    Tab Control and Tab Page, managed automatically by the client (does not require extra Zim code)

    Tool Strip

  • New attributes for form fields:



  • The Attributes Tab Page can be configured to be always visible;

  • Create and edit multiple objects simultaneously;

  • Modern tabbed development interface:

    Each Form, Display, Window, Menu, and Document stays open in its own tab page.

Document Editor

  • Designed as an embedded specialized editor for Zim application programs and other documents;
  • Syntax highlighting customized for the Zim language;
  • Region expanding and contracting;

Database Viewer Tab Page

  • Simultaneously browse every database currently connected to the development environment in a single tab page.
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