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Zim 8.20 Release Notes – Feb/2009

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150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz



. 64 bit portability and prototype work. Numerous 64 bit compatibility changes

. Fix for transparent bitmap buttons

. Fix for user icons not being drawn transparently.

. Implementing RAW data

. Implementing errors for RAW data

. Raising an error when committing a deadlocked transaction.

. Increase the number of messages in the message queue.

. Replacing some codes from ZIMTCAP as they conflict with accentuated characters (UNIX only).

. Enhancing error messages for the SAMs;

. Implementing better error handling; Separating Open from Read First Block.

. Fine tuning differences between Windows and UNIX.

. Added large file compile flag to Linux compiler options

. Incorporated FORM and DISPLAY operations in zdbagent.

. Modifications for Itanium 64 bits.

. Implemented the correct alignment for ITANIUM (UNIX only).

. When a Text form contains invalid geometry values (e.g. col = 0) a message is now issued warning the

user it is not possible to convert the form/display

. When painting a text form in UNIX, asks the user if he/she really wants to transform the form to

version 7.x.This was done to keep compatibility with the Windows version.

. Right Click Popup fix

. Fix for memory leak related to toolbar icons.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz


ON/OFF. Implemented SET FOR UPDATE OF ON/OFF switch.

. Regeneration for the command INITIALIZE.

. A new routine to physically initialize per user tables. It requires an entry in the areas.zim file; later, the

PERUSER attribute at tEntDesc will tell it all.

. Make the client to produce the correct file path.

. Opening files with 666 permission.

. Checking dates for correctness when doing calculations.

. Fixing the $ScreenHeight and $ScreenWidth functions.

. Implemented communication from 8.20 to 7.11.

. Implemented a Per User attribute to properly generate the file name.

. Fix toolbar bitmaps offset

. $exist$ does not raise an error message for the first parameter anymore.

. Implemented Initialize per user document

. Accept graphical widgets as members of variable lines.

. Accept SCREEN CLEAR without performing any actions.

. Changed to use TTYNAME instead of the constant No Name” to represent the terminal”


. Don’t merge commands when having a COMPLETE with sets connected to SQL servers.

. Fixed the SQLBeginSelect problem where a set was not of the correct type.

. Fixed the way output varchar variables are handled; it was corrupting memory previously.

. Generate a descriptor for a relationship without fields so that a role can see it.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz

. New variables to hold the PERUSER attribute (upon CREATE) and to hold the file parameter for

XMSIMPLE and GRAPHIC in reports.

. Agent quits after a communication error.

. Error message raised for non existing files to be copied over.

. REMOTEEXEC can be abbreviated to 6 characters.


. Fixed memory leaks

. Implemented the stack of events.

. Pass event information.

. Adapted for Vista.

. Fix for in/out parameter values

. Initialize the string that holds the image.

. Created the new $ObjEventName variable to hold the name of the event generated from an OCX


. Implementing the $ObjGetEvent routine.

. Change to prevent us from trying to free an uninitialized COM object


. Correctly accessing Zim directories to provide appropriate information and calls to specific functions;

. Catching errors with TabMode set;

. Fixed FFS Entryfields width and Fieldlen to allow user define the field visible length and fixed the

HGHT.Changes done on the UNIX only code;

. Fixed form fields Pointer Style and WDT” Visible property. “Pointer Style is visible only under Windows

while WDTH is only visible under UNIX.”;

. Set the maximum length of a string.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz

. Initializes the Alias tables as per user tables.;

. Selecting Entity sets from the list box was not presenting the existing entity sets.

. Changing the center dot character to accommodate UNIX.

. Default value evaluation changed for DM=G

. Fixed a bug producing invalid coordinates against Null and zero (only null was tested before)

. Adjusting the border style to 0 (no border) if the form is a 4.2 form.

. Pasting form fields was changing all the pasted coordinates and the fields resulted superimposed.

Coordinates are now recalculated to maintain their relative positions inside the new frame.

. Fixed the statistics for reads, writes and work path.

. Changed the syntax to run mzomdatasave to get around the problem of reloaded directories. The sets

would be out of sync because their directories were released and then re-accessed

. Name qualification introduced on twipsperrow/col

. Fixed the name of the constant cYesStyle to cOKStyle

. Foreign directories can not be shown on the list box since they can not be updated.

. If a graphical window already exists with the same name the user is trying to create, a message will be

displayed and the name not accepted.

. Set the program window fill color to inherit (0).

. Conversion to text is now always executed if the form was a Text form and still contains only version 4

compatible fields. Before the conversion, it was done only if there was Lines or Boxes in the form.

. Lines and boxes in text forms – saving FC and BG in wdgItems to restore them later.

. Fixed a bug: UNIX commands path to port were incorrect (/port should be just port)

. Initial import of the conversion utility for zim7 side

. Setting the object pointer to null whenever initializing a CCOBJECT.

. Status Bar was not being initialized.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz

. Introducing the Synchronization Utility to migrate DD to Zim 9;

. Renaming template” as it is a reserved word now.”

. Invisible objects in the tab control form are now Protected instead of Unavailable. This fixes the

unreported problem (sometimes confused with bad shortcuts) having the same hot key for different

fields in different tabs.

. Fixed the dataload documents.

. When a name is typed on the search window and NEW is selected, this name is displayed as the new

object name.

. Updated names for ODBC Driver.

. Fixed the WdgZOrder for the PickList.

. Upon creating the set item, process Roles so that server descriptions are read from the configuration


. Removed DarkGray, LightGray and cQuestionMSG from the reserved words entityset

. Adjusted win/form size for Advanced options in Tui2Gui conversion

. Areas.zim divided according the owner directory

. Fixes for ODBC SAM.

. Executing Erase/Create Index in compiled programs generates a warning message. This was fixed using


. Procedure name changed to agree with the docname.

. $CompDevCen is now always released

. Optionally preserve local data in data objects when importing only the object definition.

. At restart of the menu test, delete all previous records.

. Face lift on the screen and its functionality. Only fields that can be modified are shown as available

entry fields

. Dealt with the SET FORUPDATEOF command.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz

ODBC Driver:

. Using the correct length of the string parameter (not the maximum one).

. Added a synchronization message to agent connection.

. Fixed the error reporting by making all errors positive.

. Using the routine ERUSrvLog() to show the information message, instead of ERUSrvLogErr()

. Implementing the work path for ODBC connections on the fly.

. Improved the error reported when an application attempts to fetch using an unsupported fetch type

(ie, prior).

. Making Crystal 9.0 internal version 3 to work as if it were version 2.

. Implement BEGIN, COMMIT and ROLLBACK transaction commands.

. Implementing name qualification in INSERT commands.

. Implementing TRANSACTION”

. New parser, based on the Dr. Deebee ODBC toolkit plus changes commissioned by Zim implemented by

Syware Inc. to support nested joins.

. Operator NOT requires a right expression.

. Uses ZIMOPSYS 11 for Win64 (same as Win32)

. Fixes a bug where input parameters were being ignored; the parameter string wasn’t being converted

from ? to !1 which Zim expects.

. Implemented the transaction optimization.

. Implemented 32000 characters per string.

. Change to the LOGIN command syntax

. Generate a special syntax to get internal DD definitions.

. Selecting Rels with Fields only.

. Changed the mechanism used for rendering joins to something more general.

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 1V7  Tel: (613) 727-1397  Fax: (613) 727-9868  www.zim.biz

. Fixes a bug where UPDATE x SET a=b, c=d was not working.

. Fixes the case where figuring out when an AND needs to be inserted is getting it wrong.

. implemented the ability to see” per user files from the calling session.”

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